Weeknote for 21-25 March 2022

This is the weeknote for the Open Revs & Bens project that covers the week 21-25 March.

Into the third week of the project and the second that we are documenting with these notes. Lots going on, getting into the heart of the project which is examining the data stored in existing systems and mapping it so that it can be migrated into the Sedgemoor system; as well as getting the latter up and running in another council’s cloud environment.

What we’ve done

  • Made some progress on the data mapping that would enable us to migrate the data from the Leeds database (derived from the Capita business rates module) to the Sedgemoor system database.
  • We now have a working instance of the Sedgemoor system database running in Leeds’ Azure environment
  • We published the video walkthrough of the Sedgemoor business rates system

What we’ve learned

  • We have identified some gaps on the configuration files to set up the needed infrastructure in Azure
  • That server-side caching can cause issues when updating the video links in blog posts! Apologies to anyone that had difficulty accessing the system walk through video, it should all now be fixed.

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