About the project

Teignbridge Council are looking to explore the feasibility of moving to a more flexible, scalable and adaptable Revenues and Benefits platform, which can then be shared across other councils. Starting with a Business Rates module, the aim of this work is to explore whether a re-invented application developed by Sedgemoor Council, with the goal of developing an open source Revs & Bens platform, can be reused with other council’s data and APIs across the team of Project Partners.

Further goals of this project are to design and define a potential support and governance model for the new system, as well as researching how user needs will be better met with this new approach. The overall package of work will form a PoC and prove that this product-based approach will be a viable, effective and efficient way for councils to serve their users. It will also provide insight for Sedgemoor to understand how they will be able to continue along their intended journey towards releasing the platform as open code in a sustainable way.

The alpha phase follows a successful discovery project, which you can read about on the Local Digital website.

Project partners: