Weeknote for  4-8 April 2022

This is the weeknote for the Open Revs & Bens project that covers the week 4-8 April.

What we’ve done

  • We are approaching the final stage of the data mapping, we only have two remaining tables from Leeds before we can do the first attempt of pumping data into the Sedgemoor system.
  • A document providing the minimum data to be migrated is now available to the project partners – we are hoping to be able to publish this more widely in due course
  • We ran a kick off session for the open source governance work. We identified the various areas that need to be considered and will use this as a basis of some planning work early next week.
  • We published a post on this blog summarising the discovery phase findings, and drafted an article for the newsletter of the IRRV (the industry body for revenues and benefits professionals)

What we’ve learned

  • Not all the data contained on the legacy systems might be required for the migration, at least not at this stage.

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