Weeknotes for 11 – 22 April

This is the weeknote for the Open Revs & Bens project that covers the weeks 11-22 April, a double helping as Friday 15 April was a bank holiday.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on:

  • Importing the DTF gazetteer data into the Sedgemoor system
  • Generating a readable model of the Capita database that is used for Business Tax 
  • Mapped the Accounts and Property database tables from Capita to Sedgemoor 
  • Started building the data flow routines to import data from the Property table from Civica into Sedgemoor 
  • Provided recommendations around the Open Source licence to be used by the Sedgemoor Business tax system.
  • We are planning our user research for the business tax platform

What we have learned:

  • Migrating data is not as easy as we’ve would like, we learned a lot about how the legacy systems represents the data on their databases
  • A lot about open source licensing and what models could be used to support such systems.

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